5 Things To Consider Before You Design Your Own Beanie Hat

Branding is effective if done properly and smart. What would make you stand out and be memorable but stay within budget yet making you or the company earn not only money but popularity and an impression on the crowd? This happens when you choose items that are marketable for branding. A design your own beanie hat offers you several advantages on branding with simplicity. Its versatility is one factor, it is effective because it can be paired up with any type of fashion style.

Custom made beanies or hats in general are low-cost accessories and cost a lot less if purchased in bulk. It can be styled by changing colors or materials. The best target item in programs, shows and conventions. It offers a wide range of style yet charming and would definitely leave a lasting impression. But what are the things to consider before you design your own beanie hat? Keep reading and we will tell you all about it.



The most common reasons why someone would like to personalized beanies is to promote own business, promoting your company in an event, want to display your artistic side or something as simple as trying something new.

You might know where you are going to use them but how is a design your own beanie hat promotional product do anything for you and your business? It is not a secret anymore that a majority of the companies who wants exposure uses custom caps and hats as a marketing strategy, breaking into apparel as a new venture which results in great exposure and profit.

A person who wears your custom made caps are dubbed as a “walking billboard”. Whether you are using these for employees or retails sales, to give to family and friends, or to garnish an event with some added flavor; understanding your audience or consumer is the key factor to determine your success.


The style of the cap you choose is also a determining factor of the success of your marketing strategy. There are a lot of caps and hats styles such as trucker hats, bucket hats, baseball caps and beanies but take into consideration on the location, time and occasion you are promoting. Since today is time for winter, it is definitely good to go with a design your own beanie hat strategy and product.

All different style of hats have a unique construction in order to fit different customer preference. Whether you are following trends or following what you think is best for your brand, there are a lot of options to go for. Just make sure that you consider everything, even the smallest detail can make a difference between success and failure.

Don’t be afraid, too much is always better than limited, you can even do something totally new. The best part about custom hats are that there’s two things that all these styles have in common: they go on your head and they all offer branding / customization.


Not only the style and design are important but also the fabric that you use, each style has many options on fabric availability, even for a design your own beanie hat concept! The type of fabric can lend towards the functionality if your custom hats or a look you had in mind.

Hat materials are so important to not only the look and style, but the environment in which these will be worn. Each type of fabric has its advantages and disadvantages.

Do not be afraid to ask or do your homework. Even go to your local clothing retailer and feel the fabrics yourself. There is nothing you should be afraid of or avoid doing in your journey to creating the best possible headwear product.

Here are some fabric options for your custom design beanies:

• Acrylic (great fit and stretching capabilities)
• Acrylic Mixed (the next level of acrylic)
• Merino Wool (comfy and warm


Colors are so important in designing custom products. Make sure to avoid the common colors used regularly by marketing products. There are hundred of color options and combinations, don’t be afraid to experiment, you might just be surprised that there are colors more suiting for your brand name and design.

To avoid any issues, using this guideline from the beginning would be very helpful! Colors invoke moods and emotions, so when choosing colors that best relate to your brand and the headwear fabric, it is important to gain a feel of the mood that this style is portraying.


This may sound a bit confusing but let me explain. We are on a roll now and are getting towards the finish line but do not underestimate the power of branding and the types of ways you can display your artwork to best represent your brand.

Here are some of the most popular branding options for custom caps and hats recently:

• Leather Patches (debossed, embossed, black ink; it doesn’t get classier than this)
• Woven Damask Labels (a staple in the hat and clothing industry)
• Woven Patches (a great way to utilize complex designs in a patch form)
• Embroidery Patches (more for those simple designs that pop)
• Flat Embroidery (nothing is more cut and dry then a direct embroidery)
• 3D Embroidery (want your artwork pop off the hat, well use this for simple designs)

While these are just a few options, you can really get creative with this aspect. Screen printing, wooden engraved patches, rubber patches, and many more options are out there. You just need to find what best fits represent your company.


We, at Cap Kings deliver different cap styles and designs. We also offer a customize your own beanies option and printed beanies. We only use top-of-the-line product and modern techniques and machinery to make your custom caps more modern yet stay classic.

Everything you want from a cap custom design we can make it for you. If you have any questions, explore our official website or contact us so we can directly answer your questions.