Personalisation Styles

We Offer Several Personalisation Styles

At Capkings, you can get your custom caps embroidered or decorated with woven, leather, metal, PVC, or printed patches. The options just seem endless! Get to know the different decoration styles below and choose the best one for your logo or design.

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Direct Embroidery

Unlike the 3D direct embroidery, this option uses the flat embroidery technique. With this style, your logo or design is stitched directly onto the caps creating a flat embroidered look. Get your custom caps embroidered and get that classic, street look.

3D Direct Embroidery

Choose this option if you want your logo or design to be embroidered directly onto the cap using the  3D embroidery technique. This is done by inserting a foam under the embroidery stitches, giving it a three dimensional look.

Embroidered Patch

This style uses a flat embroidered patch that is sewn onto the fabric of the cap.

Woven Patch

Woven patches are great for logos or designs with tiny details that cannot be embroidered. Get this decoration style if you want fine and clean thread stitches.

Direct-To-Film Print

Direct-to-film printing can produce high-resolution prints with fine details and vibrant colours. This can result in a professional-looking and eye-catching custom cap. Get yours today and create custom caps with high-quality prints, fast turnaround times and cost-effective pricing.

Leather Patch

If you want your custom caps to have that luxurious look and feel, then opt for a leather patch decoration.

PVC Patch

PVC patches on caps give off creative and fun vibes. They are perfect for quirky and youthful designs.

TPU Patch

TPU patches have a high-quality appearance that looks professional and sophisticated, making them a great option for custom caps that will be used for promotional or marketing purposes. The patches can be easily customised with your logo or other branding elements, helping to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Silicone Patch

Silicone patches are a great option for custom caps due to their durability, flexibility, versatility, branding potential and unique appearance. The texture and appearance of silicone patches give custom caps a unique and distinct look and feel that stands out from other types of customisations.

Printed Patch

Printed patches are perfect for logos or designs that are multicolored and with shades and gradients that cannot be done with embroidery.

Silicone Transfer

This modern decoration method provides a high-end look and raises your logo to a new level. Silicone delivers a durable decoration and looks great when matched with any of our technical cap styles. Silicone Transfer is exclusive to the Richardson range.

Poly Press Transfer

This new and very modern looking decoration is a great way to make your cap and logo really pop. Ideal for multi colored designs with a moderate to high level of detail. Provides a multi-dimensional, raised look with good resistance to weather and outdoor conditions. Poly Press Transfer is exclusive to the Richardson range.