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We Offer the Best Brands in the Industry

If you need custom caps in Australia to promote your company, team, club, brand, or personal work, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Capkings, we only carry the best brands in the industry. We always make sure that every custom cap that goes out of our production line speaks of the care and attention that we put to it.

Get to know each brand and choose which one works best for you.

Capking Classics

You can never go wrong with our very own Capkings Classic caps! We know how a good cap can easily elevate any look, highlight any brand, or showcase any style. Hence, we created a line so flexible you’ll run out of ways to style it!

So when in doubt, always choose to personalise our Capkings Classic caps. Having the perfect blend of comfort and style, they are the best option for custom caps in Australia or anywhere in the world!

AS Colour

If you’re in the lookout for a no-fuss, everyday cap to complement your look, then the AS Colour caps are just perfect for you!

The AS Colour Caps are not only about comfort and style, they are created to last. Here at Capkings, they can be easily personalised to your own taste and specifications.


Flexfit caps are, perhaps, one of the most popular in the custom caps industry. They are widely known for their stretch-fit technology that provide a snug and comfortable fit.

Flexfit’s revolutionary design and polished style make it a go-to brand for your every day urban, casual look. Flexfit caps also make the perfect sports caps with their easy fit and breathable material.


If you need caps to be part of your wardrobe staples, then the Yupoong caps are perfect for you! They instantly boost your daily casual ensemble and give you a head-turning street style look.

With over 40 years of cap production experience, you are guaranteed that every Yupoong cap is created with utmost care and attention. Personalise our Yupoong caps with whatever decoration style you choose.


Richardson is the perfect brand for sports teams and athletes. The brand boasts of its unmatched reputation in creating top quality performance-inspired caps for athletes.

Personalise our Richardson caps with your team logo and wear them with pride. Boost team spirit in comfort and style with our custom caps today!


Our Atlantis caps are surely a brand that you can trust. Our Atlantis caps tell a story and are tailored to suit all individuals. We have a wide range of Atlantis caps collection that can be customised according to your requests and needs.

With over 25 years of experience in the design and production of custom caps, our Atlantis caps are a testament to the passion and commitment we have for our collection of bespoke caps. We are the best in what we do and have helped hundreds of companies and individuals start their own line of custom caps.