The Different Decoration Types for Your Custom Caps

custom caps

Wearable promotional items are a trend these days as influencers gain more and more followers on different social media platforms and what is the best way to make their name more visible to a target audience and getting their brand names across businesses than Custom Caps and Hats. They are light weight and compact which makes them great for shows, conventions and campaigns.



One word: MARKETABLE. It is one of the most unique and effective ways on promoting brand. Different styles for different fashion sense. Custom caps offer a large market value due to its versatility and convenience, with the quality being provided and your keen sense of style, anything is possible to make a cap closely similar to you. Custom caps offer creativity and a wide range of options, from baseball caps to snapbacks, fitted and many more.





custom caps

Fits very well on sports brands. Typically long flatted bill but are also in sandwich or curved with also with different profile shapes such as High, Mid or Low Profiles, depending on what is the best fit for the brand you aim to have.


custom caps

Very distinct. Iconic and well designed to carry an artwork branding in front whether directly printed, embroidered or pinned. Versatile yet stylish and definitely eye candy.



The most common but can definitely be entirely unique. Everything about this cap is very American. Functional and modern. Classic.


Popular with athletes and is on the rising trend. Also known as the “Jockey Cap” its typical features make it unique. Flat bill buckle closure, breathable and most importantly stylish.


Perfect in a cold-weather landscape. Although they are not highly held in high regard by the people in the fashion industry, they will be if customized with the proper creativity and people.


custom caps

This is a single panel of fabric which is folded to match the shape of the rest of the cap leaving a small line of stitching to the top of the cap. This is very great for large printed logos or small detailed embroidered designs.



The only limit when it comes to decorating is the mind, as long as you have imagination there are countless ideas and designs that can be made. Creativity is the main objective when making custom caps, but the same with everything else there are certain pros and cons as well as some limitations. Custom caps are making headlines today as this is a good business investment to make their status rocket.


custom caps

The most popular decoration design. Custom embroidered caps are more “on brand” than any other decoration type. Meticulously made with high-end embroidery machines and fits very well with what a client wants.


custom caps


This makes identifying very fast and easy. Very ideal with caps but can also be done with other products because they are made from weatherproof materials. They are flexible and durable which allows customers to capture intricate details in their custom artwork.


custom caps

Additional texture and depth to logos. It is either debossed on leather then embroidered or an embroidery patch is created then attached to an item via heat transfer. Perfect if you are looking for additional dimensional depth and is durable which mean longer shelf life.


custom caps

It is done by placing a foam pad or “puff” onto the product and then having it embroidered by an embroidery machine sewing its outline based on your logo or design. This type is almost exclusive for customs caps because of the design depth and height it provides.


custom caps

It is a direct garment printing, just like printing a document. Almost any design you want is possible to print out. This is best if logos require high amount of detail or if graphics are very heavy. A very common option for logos that contain a gradient.


cutom caps

Gives that logo 3D element constructed from metal in the shape of your logo. Heat and pressure are pushed into the product and form the material into the impression you want this method produces stunning and sophisticated results, perfect for leather decorating.



custom caps

Very popular at the back of jeans but it’s no different in caps. It adds a high-quality style on every product they are used on may it be from hats, jeans, bags or even socks. It can be stitched on, ironed on or even velcroed.


custom caps

The material used in this type of decoration has excellent properties of high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance. They can show complex colours and gradient effects.


custom caps

A very new and very modern looking decoration type is the best way to make the cap and logo pop. Very ideal for multi coloured designs with a moderate to high level of detail. Provides a multi-dimensional look and is good for outdoor conditions.



When choosing a company to bring your creativity and personality to life, always look for the one who possesses it and always try to give importance on the quality that you deserve. Here in CapKings we always let the vision of our clients be the main feature in all custom caps we make. With numerous brands and cap types, you definitely have a wide variety of choices to make your company stand out and be memorable. Not only do we offer high quality products but we also give high quality services. Our custom caps takes 2-3 weeks in production but we all know that quality products take time to build. You can go crazy with your logos and brand names because we provide different types of decoration to make sure that you brand or company is well presented and must definitely be an eye candy.