7 Main Types of Custom Beanies

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custom beanies

Beanies are definitely the go-to headwear this cold season. If you’re thinking of getting custom beanies for your brand, or to simply decorate a plain beanie for a more trendy headgear, then you just came to the right place. But, you might get confused as to what type of custom beanie you want, as there are quite a number of types. In this post, we share to you what these types are.


Fisherman/short beanie

Rolled Down Cotton BeanieBy the name itself, this type of beanie was usually worn by fishermen to protect their heads from extreme weathers when fishing. They became more popular overtime and have been worn by people casually. This type of beanie is a bit shallower than other types, and only covers the top part of your head.

Earflap beanies

Polar Fleece Beanie with Ear FlapThe earflap beanies have flaps to cover the ears from extreme cold during winter. Some come with strings attached to the flaps so you can tie them under the chin for support.They are commonly worn by children and teenagers to help keep them extra warm.


The Slouch beanie

Parker Slouch BeanieThis type of beanie is probably the most stylish and trendy one among young adults and teenagers. The slouch beanie is a bit elongated that folds at the top part of the head and drops to the back creating a slouchy look. Many iconic stars like David Beckham and Taylor Swift are known for rocking the slouch beanie look many times.


Cuffed beanie

Rollback Acrylic BeanieCuffed beanies have a cuffed buttom and cover your ears and forehead to keep them warm. This style is very common during winter as cuffed beanies are usually thick and wooly yet are still stylish and trendy when paired with your winter ensembles.


Cuffless beanies

custom beaniesOpposite to the cuffed beanies, this type does not fold at the bottom and is also a common type of beanie. Cuffless custom beanies are usually thinner in material and can be worn not just during extreme cold seasons, but also during moderately cold times as well such as spring.


Hipster beanie

Parker BeanieThe hipster beanie is the most versatile type among all since it can be worn in all seasons – hot or cold. It is somehow a mix of a cuffless beanie and slouchy beanie, only that it doesn’t drop or slouch too much which makes it look more hippie. Many people like to wear them add turn them into custom beanies with their own designs since they add a more street vibe look and are really comfy.


Pom Pom beanies

acrylic-beanie-with-pom-pom-navy-whiteThis type has a little ball or pom pom attached to the top of the beanie and is commonly worn in very snowy areas. A pompom beanie is characterized as a more practical type of beanie as it is usually think and wooly to keep your head extra warm. It is usually worn when it is extremely cold and snowy.


Custom Beanies by CapKings

Shop the many types of beanies on our website and get your own custom beanies to showcase your brand or personal artwork. Custom beanies are perfect headgear items to not only keep you warm, but also to make you look trendy and stylish. Order your own custom beanies for you and your team here in CapKings!