Flexfit Beanie: Wear in Comfort and Style

A handy dandy flexfit beanie will keep your head warm now that fall’s remaining days are few and winter is already well underway. There can be a lot of emotional preparation need before a new season and colder temperatures arrive. Even though I prefer the summer, I enjoy the snug sensation a soft beanie has on my head. Although it has been proven that you don’t lose the majority of your body heat through your head, it still helps to keep you and your ears warm. —warm in bitter cold.

Here, I illustrated five ways to wear or style your flexfit beanie utilizing any I had laying around in my closet, whether you’re new to the winter hat scene or you simply want some advice. Obviously, I don’t have the same street style as the celebrities, but hey, I tried! Feel free to experiment with the form until it sits just how you want it to till it depends on the types of beanies you have, such as whether they are long or short, cuffed or uncuffed, etc., how you can wear them.


Nebraska Scarf and Beanie Set


Straight Sticking Up

Finding the ideal flexfit beanie is the key to pulling this look together. To prevent it from falling backward behind your head, you want one that is a little thicker and more structured. Because I thought the extra fabric at the top looked so strange, it took me some time to warm up to this style. But over time, it’s evolved into one of my favorite flexfit beanie wearing styles because you don’t need to fuss with it or check that it’s laying correctly as with other slouchy looks. Put that thing on, and head out the door.

Completely Down

Shorter flexfit beanie, commonly referred to as “fisherman beanie,” are ideal for this since you can draw it down so that it embraces your entire head without obstructing your eyes. It’s crucial to be able to see, people! You can select whichever one you like best. Some types are even shorter so that your ears are more exposed.


Both shorter and longer styles work for this. Just enough to fit over your head so that the material at the back folds over a little. The fabric may be adjusted to fit exactly way you want it to.

Very Slouched

If your flexfit beanie is cuffed, you can unroll it so you have more material to work with. This works best with very long designs. It should be quite obvious how to do this, but just drape it over your head wherever you choose, then fold the fabric over at the back so that it hangs properly. There’s that, and David Beckham also like donning his flexfit beanie in this manner.

Pushed Back

You can choose to wear your flexfit beanie this way if you have bangs or simply prefer not to cover all of your hair. The aperture should be placed a few inches below your hairline, but not too far back that it will slide off. It’s tricky, I know that much. You can tighten it up even more by pulling it over your ears.




The flexfit beanie is primarily a casual accessory. So, it should come as no surprise that wearing it with a casual outfit is one of the simplest ways to style it. This woolen warmer particularly shines when worn with casual outerwear, jeans, sweatshirts, and other off-duty essentials. The hat itself should be taken into account initially. In general, smaller styles are the best choice. A safe bet is a tiny roll beanie that hangs around halfway down the ears. The rest of your wardrobe will have a big impact on the color scheme. For greatest versatility, consider navy, charcoal, or black. You might also consider a wool with flecks to add a little interest.


There would be much worse options than workwear if you had to fill your whole wardrobe with items from a single menswear subgenre. We could gush all day about how tough, adaptable, classic, and comfortable it is. As luck would have it, flexfit beanie is a key component of this aesthetic’s winter collection. The most important design to take into account in this case is the fisherman beanie, a diminutive variant with a single roll that lies just over the ears. If you’ve determined that traditional beanies are not for you, this timeless piece of workplace headgear is a fantastic substitute. Keep to dark hues, and make sure the knit is thin enough to prevent making your ears protrude.

Winter Ready

Every year, there comes a time when wearing a warm hat is simply not an option. For many, this entails reluctance to brave the daily commute while donning an unattractive fleece-lined tea cozy. Style is irrelevant in this situation. But in our opinion, if you’re going to wear it, it might as well look fantastic. Remove the uncomfortable wool cap and replace it with something sleeker. Look for products made of merino wool for the most warmth and comfort, or even a cashmere blend if you’re ready to pay a little bit extra. Remain true to the winter concept in terms of color. Dark, neutral, blue, or earthy autumnal tones are what are meant by it.


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