Different Cap Styles For 6 Different Face Shapes

Are you looking for personalized caps that will complement your style and facial shape? Here’s all you need to know about the different cap styles that go along with different face shapes.

Choosing the perfect cap from the different cap styles can be difficult, especially when considering a large number of cap styles available. If you’ve tried on what seems like hundreds of different cap styles without finding one that works for you, you may want to consider your face shape when making your final decision.

To answer the question of how to choose the best cap among the different cap styles, you must first determine what type of facial shape you have.

There are two essential components to understanding how to choose a cap for your facial shape. To begin, measure your head with a measuring tape or anything flexible. The second step in selecting a suitable cap is to analyze your facial shape and to have an understanding of how different cap styles work on you facial features.

In the following sections, you’ll learn more about the six primary face shapes and how to have a customised caps that complements your facial features.

What are the Different Face Shapes?

It’s possible that you could fit into one of a few different types of face shapes, or you could fall into more than one. Consider these face shapes to see if yours fits into a certain category or a combination of them.


Due to its proportionality, the oval form is often considered to be the most blessed of all face shapes. If you have an oval shape, your forehead is slightly wider than your chin and your jaw is a little narrower than your cheekbones.


When it comes to round faces, the length and cheekbone measurements are almost the same. The face is mostly known for its soft lines and fuller cheeks. As a general rule, the cheekbones make up the widest part of a round face.


Taking a look at your jawline is the best way to see if your face is square. When it comes to width and length, a square face can have the same symmetry as a round face, or it can have the unique length of a long face. A square face shape usually means that your jaw, forehead, and cheekbones are all the same width, with strong, clear lines.


Sometimes referred as long, oblong faces have a strong jaw like those that are square-shaped, but they are longer than they are wide, which makes them different from square-shaped faces.


A heart-shaped face has a lot of the same features as a round face. In fact, heart shapes can look like a mix of round and square faces. If your face is heart-shaped, your forehead is bigger than your cheekbones and jawline, and your chin ends at a point.


When a diamond has a face, it looks a little like a heart shape. It can be long or round across the width and length. It’s the cheekbones that are the most noticeable part of a diamond-shaped face. They will protrude above one’s forehead and jawline, giving the face a diamond look that’s made even better by a pointed chin.

The Different Cap Styles for Different Face Shapes

Caps for Oval Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck, because almost any cap will look well on you. So, utilize your structure to your advantage and try with styles that are a little more difficult to pull off, like a bucket hat or the notoriously tough flat cap. However, because oval faces can appear lengthy at times, it is advisable to avoid hats with lofty crowns, such as cowboy hats, which would exaggerate your face’s length.

Caps for Round Faces

To counteract a round face’s softness, look for caps with crisp, defined angles that provide contrast. Due to their angularity, fedoras and trilby hats are suitable. A beanie also exposes more of your face than other caps, allowing you to balance your rounded features. Wear your beanie set back on your head to display more of your face and create a longer look.

Caps for Square Faces

A square face has sharp, angular facial features that might be overemphasized by caps with similar angles. To avoid overkill, add floppy or wide brims. A cloche also looks wonderful on this facial shape. Wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, sun hats, or hats that cut across the forehead will help minimize a long face. Another thing, beanies don’t go well with this face shape so it would be best to avoid it.

Caps for Oblong Faces

A cap that fits lower on the forehead helps avoid elongation in oblong/rectangular faces that are already long. Wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, sunhats, and hats that cut over the forehead are excellent. Avoid beanies if you have this face shape.

Caps for Heart Faces

A baseball cap, newsboy, or fedora flatters a heart-shaped face. A nicely cut brim or angle can soften the wideness of your top face and the narrowness of your jaw. Avoid floppy brims, which will accentuate the excess volume around your face. Be sure to wear wide-brimmed hats, cowboy hats, sun hats, or hats that cut over the forehead.

Caps for Diamond Faces

With a diamond-shaped face, the hat’s placement is nearly as significant as the hat itself, especially on the narrower forehead. Wearing a hat further back on the head can help prevent a diamond face from becoming shortened. Choose a pull-on with a shallow crown, like a pork pie.

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