All About Custom Leather Patch Caps

custom leather patch caps

What is more stylish all year round that shows not only professionalism but a whole lot of style and personality? Custom leather patch caps! Leather patches have been around since the first world war and throughout the years their uses have been more versatile and have made their way up to the fashion industry as one of the most stylish and sought out designs.


Leather patches were popular among German soldiers in the World War 1. They sewed leather patches onto the elbows to protect them while crawling along the ground or in the trenches. Leather patches became more popular in the Second World War as military pilots came up with more creative ways to decorate and custom their flight jackets. Handmade leather patches sewn onto their jackets were among the things popular for leather patches as they are used to celebrate achievements or distinguish themselves from other pilots because of highly competiveness and self-motivation of the job. This eventually became a military custom.

Most jackets often have a name tag on the left chest, an embossed squadron patch on the right chest as well as patches on the shoulder. These personalized patches has cultivated the culture of adding patches to other locations on their jackets to show their characteristics, which are still continued today.

Today, leather patches have a lot of usage with various advanced techniques. Aside from using it on military clothing, leather patches serve other purpose such as to repair the holes in clothing and to personalize clothing. Wearing them is a great way to extend the life of your favourite jeans or jackets because of it durability. They are more durable than standard cotton or even hardwearing canvas materials.

These leather patches served more than durability but also to express political view and personal story telling in the 1960’s. They are also used to transform the common looking item of clothing or caps into something unique or they can be added just for fun.



There are many things a leather patch can be used on but these are the most common things they are used on:


Very popular at the back of jeans but it’s no different in caps. Hats are the most common things leather patches used on especially on custom made caps. Custom Leather Patch Caps are very popular and is the most sought out product for companies who want effective publicity. Although Customs caps have many styles and decoration types, nothing beats custom leather patch caps. It adds a high-quality style on every product they are used on may it be from hats, jeans, bags or even socks. It can be stitched on, ironed on or even velcroed.



Most common on military jackets but also on high fashion denim. Leather patches on jackets provides more style and depth. It is very common to use on jackets to patch the holes and make the item more durable and last longs just like what you would on a pair of jeans. You can either put on the right or left chest or maybe on the left or right arm, depends on your vision and sense of style.



Mainly for logos for the brands. Having your brand name and logo on a leather patch on a backpack makes it more appealing. Using leather patches makes sure that no matter how long the backpack is used it would not rip. This is a long time investment for companies who want lifetime publicity. Statistics shows that products with a well thought off branding and logos sell more than those printed plainly on the product.

custom leather patch caps


There are a lot of design tips you can use when dealing with custom leather patch caps and here are a few:

  • Stamped into leather and then stitched to the cap with a running stitch tack down
  • Simple shapes of rectangles, squares or circles
  • Genuine tan leather or coloured Faux leather
  • Debossed imprint colour in black or brown

With different colours of your choice, fonts and sizes you can achieve almost anything you want with leather patches. They are best for complex logos with a high level of detail. Logos are etched onto a “Simple Shape” applique (circles, rectangles, squares, etc.) are stitched to the cap, etched and cut with a “Complex Shape” (irregular shapes) are heat press applied to the cap. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to custom leather patch caps or anything leather patch design.



When choosing for a product and product designs you should always look for products with more advantages than disadvantages and here are a few regarding custom leather patch caps:

  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Water resistant
  • Extra protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Timeless style
  • Signature smell


These are only a few but it does more than what you expect it can provide.

When choosing a company to bring your creativity and personality to life, always look for the one who possesses it and always try to give importance on the quality that you deserve. Here in CapKings, we always let the vision of our clients be the main feature in every custom cap we make. With numerous brands and cap types, you definitely have a wide variety of choices to make your company stand out and be memorable. Choose a company who makes the best custom caps in Australia and exceeds your expectations rather than meeting it.