6 Chic Ways to Wear a High Profile Cap

You might think that wearing a hat is simple and that it can go with any look. Well fashion is subjective. Today, the most important thing is to wear something that you are comfortable but of course a little class and style does not hurt. Here are some ways to wear a high profile cap to help you decide on your looks.



Wearing a high profile cap with a smart-casual dress would have been unimaginable not long ago. It is, nevertheless, possible if you carefully consider the style and substance of your headwear.

Avoid logos or symbols of any kind and opt for something with a little bit of substance. If you’re looking for something timeless, go with suede; if you’re seeking for something more trend-driven, go for corduroy. Remember to keep things grown up and sophisticated by sticking to muted colors like black, navy, and greys.

Wear an Oxford button-down or knitted polo on top, layered beneath a sophisticated, lightweight jacket such as a blouson, wool overshirt, or sports coat. Choose fitted trousers or chinos for the bottom half, and finish with a pair of suede desert boots.


Snapbacks and hip-hop costumes are frequently paired together and have a long history of doing so. A high profile cap provides an edgy attitude blends in wonderfully with hip-hop trends, making them the ultimate accessory. Choose a high profile cap with clean lines and bold embroidery, such as a black one with white stitching. Wear it with the brim facing forward and a big graphic tee, ripped black jeans, and sneakers to complete the look.


Any high profile cap definitely shines in your everyday wardrobe. It’s perhaps the quintessential casual accessory, and it’s a terrific way to add a splash of color or texture to a bland ensemble.

The ball is truly in your court when it comes to caps, but to stay on trend, we recommend a low-profile dad-cap. You may also use a logo here if you see appropriate, but keep in mind that anything too aggressive or bold should be avoided.

With the help of a bright, brilliant piece of headwear, add a flash of color to your style, and set it off by keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Consider a simple white tee, selvedge denim, and canvas sneakers. If the weather permits, add a flannel shirt or lightweight jacket over the top.


Customized caps are still one of the cornerstone accessories of streetwear, whether we look at it in its purest form or as the high-fashion mashup it has become these days.

Feel free to use the logo to your heart’s content on this one. Balenciaga, Supreme, and Gucci are well-known for their branded high profile cap and are solid favorites in the world of high-end streetwear. If you don’t want to spend a month’s rent on your hat (and we don’t blame you), brands like Stussy, Carhartt, and even Ralph Lauren offer affordable options.

Layer a striking hoodie with a bomber or coach jacket for your torso. Then get yourself a pair of wide-leg chinos or cargo pants for your legs. If the cargos are camouflage printed, you’ll get bonus street points.

Any Nike Air Max or Air Jordan model is a good option for your sneaker of choice. Any of the new generation of clunky kicks that have flooded the market are the same. Try a classic Vans Old Skool or Sk8 Hi if you’re looking for something a little more understated.


For the time being, maximalism has won out over minimalism, yet it does not mean that minimalism is dead. The stripped-back look, on the other hand, is still very much alive and well, having proven its reputation as a timeless classic rather than a passing fad.

A high profile cap can be easily incorporated into this outfit by choosing basic, earthy, or pastel colors and avoiding flashy branding.

Although premium hat manufacturers such as Larose Paris have produced some very lovely minimalist five-panels, the dad cap or a high crown trucker cap is arguably the most appropriate style.

Keep the remainder of your attire as simple as possible. Use plain, block colors on your top half, dark or black denim/chinos on the bottom half, and sleek white leather sneakers to bring everything together — the less detailing the better.


Even if we despise the term, athleisure is here to stay. Thanks to its excellent balance of form and utility, what began as a fashion trend has evolved into a pillar of contemporary attire. It offers the modern male a means to look sophisticated and put-together while remaining comfortable by fusing performance fabrics and athletic silhouettes with tailored shapes.

Mixing high (smart) and low (casual) elements is important to pulling off this style without seeming like youre on your way to or from the gym. Think sporty smart-casual basics like Oxford button-down shirts, knitted polos, and varsity jackets coupled with streamlined trackpants and fitted sweatshirts/hoodies in quality materials like wool, loopback cotton, and cashmere.

When it comes to selecting the ideal topper for your ensemble, you have two options: go for a basic high profile cap design to balance a slightly smarter ensemble, or go the other way and select a smart, structured cap to help raise your sweatpants up a level.

Dark neutrals are frequently the ideal choice if you want to retain the overall feel sleek and modern without sinking into weekend dad or gym bro territory, regardless of which direction you take.


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