3D Embroidery Vs Flat Embroidery Custom Caps

custom caps

For high-quality custom caps at amazing prices, you came to the right place. CapKings is the best custom cap maker in Sydney, supplying great cap brands to clients for commercial and personal use. One type of custom caps we specialize on are custom embroidered caps which allow for a lot of customization and design choices.

If you choose this particular type of caps for promotion, the first thing to decide is whether to go for 3D direct embroidery or flat embroidery. Not sure which one is best for you? Here’s a rundown of these two common types of custom embroidered caps:



3d embroidered custom caps

As the name suggests, this is a three-dimensional design for custom caps. This technique includes inserting foam underneath the embroidery to achieve the 3D effect. Since this style makes the design stand out, it is preferred by those using big logos or bold print designs for promoting their brand. It is best for simple designs like letters/initials, logos, and symbols. If you choose this style, there really isn’t much going on with your finished product. But it’s totally effective for brand promotion.



flat embroidered custom caps

This custom embroidered cap style is more common and preferred by those who want to customize their caps for personal use. Before stitching the embroidery on the custom cap, you have all the freedom to come up with the embroidery design. You can use intricate designs with specific details, and not worry about distorting the design or logo of your brand. It may not be as bold-looking as having a 3D effect, but with flat embroidery, you can achieve almost any design you want. Once you have the finished flat embroidered patch, all that’s left to do is to sew it onto the custom cap.


After deciding which kind of embroidery to go for, you can message us directly and we will help you create your custom embroidered caps. Send us your design so we can get started on your custom caps!