The Different Cap Styles You Can Customise

These days, custom caps have become one of the popular merch items companies are investing on for their branding. This is because caps are not only stylish and trendy pieces, but they are effective in improving brand awareness. If you’re looking into getting custom caps for your business but don’t know which type suits you best, here are a few information on the popular ones you can choose from:


If you want a more urban feel with a youthful vibe, snapbacks could be your thing. Snapbacks have a wide, flat brim, and an adjustable snap on the back. It is easy to customise a snapback with your brand logo as it has a wider area and so it allows bigger designs to be embroidered or printed.

Dad hats

One of the most popular styles are the classic Dad hats. If you’re targeting a wider audience, we suggest you go for these classic hats that have a rounded brim. Dad hats can we worn by all ages, which is why it is one of our best seller designs.

Trucker caps

Trucker caps are quite similar to snapbacks having a high dome are and a flat brim, but trucker caps usually have a mesh paneling. These caps started as mere promotional items being given away as freebies, but today they are now part of mainstream fashion styles.

Bucket hats

Fishermen caps, which are now called Bucket hats, had a recent comeback in the last few years. Many celebrities and fashion icons were seen rocking these hats in 2018 and 2019. What started as a mere hat for fishermen is now taking the world by storm, and we believe their popularity won’t fade anytime soon. So if you want more variety to your cap collection, add some bucket hats.


If you’re living in places with cold seasons, then you got to have beanies as part of your cap merchandise for your brand. They are not only practical items to keep your head warm, but they are stylish accessories that can also be worn anytime of the year, depending on the type of beanie.


Visors started as accessories for sports like tennis and other outdoor activities. They have also been considered as part of company merch since they are quite trendy and practical since

Custom Caps and Hats from Capkings

If you need a hold on any of these cap design, simply hit us up. CapKings offers different cap brands and styles you can easily customise with your brand logo or personal artwork.