Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies

We give you the freedom of customising your very own Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies: may it be with your company logo or personal artwork or anything that you want. We have them in any colours that you want, so inquire now to get started.



The minimum order quantity for our beanie is 100 units.


We make our beanies according to our clients’ chosen colourway and logo.


We can design a mockup of either items based on the client’s logo and design.

Lead Time

The production for our custom beanies is approximately 8 weeks.

Why Us?

Hats are one of the best ways to keep you protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, especially during the summer. But what about during the winter season where there is little concern about UV damage? This is where Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies come in. At CapKings, we have the best collection of Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies at an affordable price.

Our custom beanies are not only suitable for personal use. These custom beanies can also be used as promotional products for your company’s brand and image.

Custom Knitted Beanies

If you want to protect your head and ears from the cold season, from the strong winds or just to give your whole outfit a nice, subtle touch, then wearing Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies is the right thing to do. But finding the right supplier and material for your custom beanie needs is not an easy task, especially when you are in a tight budget. There are a lot of suppliers out there that are all bells and whistles, but it does not have to be that way. When it comes to Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies, quality is always a must. At CapKings, we make sure that you get your money’s worth, and we assure you that we are the best in the market.

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  • 27cm length (un-rolled)
  • Roll back design


  • 100% Acrylic


  • Standard

Custom Pom Pom Knitted Beanies

When you want to advertise your business, standing out from your competitors is a must. That is why using custom pom pom knitted beanies as promotional products is a great way to promote your company’s brand and image in a unique and sophisticated manner. These custom knitted beanies are stylish and are customised to reflect the values that your company believes in, as these can be designed with your company logo or slogan.

Custom beanies are a good way to project to your current and future clients the solidarity and camaraderie your company has. Inquire with us now, and get amazing deals for bulk orders.

Personalised Knitted Beanies

Aside from being used as promotional products for businesses, custom pom pom knitted beanies can also be used as a great souvenir for your next family gathering. As using printed tee shirts is already an outdated form of commemorating the reunion of the family members, opting for CapKings’ personalised beanies that reflect the family crest or logo is a more fun and innovative way to remember that day.

So gather up your family members and make your reunion day more memorable. Being with your family members is always a fun to remember, so get your own custom pom pom knitted beanies to mark that day.